Infused water

You have fruits, you have water, you have a cool drink to offer to your guests for your hot summer days! You can use as many different fruits as you want, tap or sparkling water, add a little kick with lemon or honey, ... you have so many possibilities, I am just giving you 2 of our last infused water. I hope you will like it.


- Cherish

- Melon

- Fresh Mint

- Sparkling water

- Agave syrup

- Lime

Instructions: wash and rinse the cherishes, the mint leaves and the lime. Cut the melon into small pieces. Put the melon, the cherishes and the mint in a glass (or a bottle if you want several servings). Add the sparkling water, a splash of agave syrup and lime. Leave to set in fridge at least 1 hour.


- Strawberries

- Mint

- Sugar

Instructions:For the syrup, heat water and sugar together. Let cool. Add the mint leaves and leave to set in fridge. Wash and cut the strawberries. Put the strawberries in a glass and pour the syrup on top of them.

So are you going to try one of this recipe? Give me your ideas!