Croque monsieur

A classic of french finger food that you can find in almost every bakery, sandwich shop: le croque-monsieur. So  you can use different kind of break, with cereals, whole wheat grains, but sometimes, I just want a classic old "croque". So for a quick lunch between two meetings or for a light dinner with some salad on the side, give it a try!


- Bread (white or whole wheat)

- Ham or turkey meat

- Grated cheese

- 1/2 liter of milk

- 30g  flour

- 30g butter

- Nutmeg

- Salt, pepper


-Start with the bechamel so it can cool down. Melt the butter in a pan then add the flour. Reserve. Heat the milk and pour gradually in the mix butter/flour. Stir until the desired consistency. Then add the nutmeg, the salt and the pepper.

-Start with the bread, a layer of ham and a layer of bechamel. Add the second bread. On top, spread the bechamel and add the cheese.

- In oven at 180° until the cheese is golden.

Bon Ap!