Gnocchi with italian sausage

Gnocchi with italian sausage

Aaaah gnocchi...with gorgonzola and cream, bacon, tomato sauce, in gratin... it's always good! It is true we usually appreciate this kind of "heavy" dish in winter but not me, even in the heat of Marseille in August, I can eat a whole plate. Today we have some italian sausage so we made a sauce with them, it was perfect!


- Gnocchi (for homemade gnocchi, you can find a recipe here: Homemade gnocchi)

- 1 onion

- 250ml tomato sauce

- 1 small glass of red wine

- 1 pinch of sugar

- 2 italian sausages

- Thyme, bay leaves, oregano

- Cayenne pepper

- Parsley

- 2 cloves of garlic

- Salt and pepper

- Olive oil


-Stir fry the onions in olive oil with a pinch of salt. Add the sausage mixture crumbled and stir fry until golden. Add the crushed garlic at the end (monitor the cooking because the fresh garlic can burn very fast)

-  Deglaze with the glass of red wine. Leave until almost complete evaporation of the red wine.

- Add the tomato sauce and a glass of water. Season with salt, pepper, herbs, Cayenne pepper. Then add the pinch of sugar.

- Simmer until desired consistency.

- Boil salted water. Dip thegnocchi,as theyrise to the surface, retrieve anddive into thesaucefor1 minuteso they soak the taste.

- Add parsley before serving.


Bon appétit!