One of the most common breakfast in the US because of the its benefits: the oatmeal. Not so famous in France, I decided to make a post on my 3 favorites way of eating oatmeal. And you, how do you eat your Oats? Give me some new ideas!

You can also use them in pastry, I tried a healthy version of cookies here: Oatmeal cookies

The 100% figs Oatmeal

As a girl from the South of France, I looooove figs. So my number 1 Oatmeal is a mix of fresh figs and homemade fig jam. I also used cow milk and that's it, no sugar added! I think the fruits are enough to sweeten this meal.

The oatmeal Grapes - Peanut butter

My number 2 favorite is a bowl of soy milk Oatmeal with grapes (I took off the skin) and a big teaspoon of peanut butter... a classic!

The Oat-Treat

And finally in my top 3, the combination of a healthy snack and a little treat. As you can see, the bowl is smaller! This is not a breakfast but more of a snack that take away your little hunger of mid-afternoon and satisfy your sweet tooth. At the center we have a swiss caramel and some unsweetened chocolate chips and cocoa powder. For the oatmeal, I simply used water to make it lighter.