Semoulina pudding

This dessert is very easy and quick to make and you can prepare it in advance. You don't need much ingredients and you can decline it in several variants. Today, we tried with custard and rum roasted grapes.

gateau de semoule
gateau de semoule

Ingredients for the pudding

- 125g medium-grained semoulina

- 50cl milk (or 1L of milk  if you don't wish to have coco milk in the recipe)

- 50cl coco milk

- 60g sugar

- 3 beaten eggs

- 1 vanilla bean split

Ingredients for custard:

- 4 yolk

- 60g sugar

- 1 vanilla bean split

- 50cl milk

- Grapes

- Rum


- Heat the milk, coconut milk, sugar and vanilla together.At firstboils,put inrainsemolina, stirring constantly untilthe mix startsto pull awayfrom the pan. Off the heat,add thebeaten eggs.

- Put the mix into small pans or a big one and in the oven at 160°C. It is done when the knife point comes out clean.

- For the custard, mix the yolks and the sugar together then add the milk and the vanilla. Heatover low heat, stirring constantly untildesired consistency.The creamshould coatthe spoon. After cooling off, put in the fridge.

- Make acaramelwith sugar,deglaze withrumand add adash of lime. Reduceand add thegrapes. (I took off the skin of the grapes first)

For presentation, add some lime zist and some icing sugar... enjoy!

We had some left the next day, we tried with fresh blueberries!