Linguines with gambas

This recipe is quite simple but so tasty! The parsley and cherries tomatoes add some freshness to this typical pasta dish. We chose to cut off the heads of the gambas for this recipe and use them to make a sauce for our home made ravioli... but this is a recipe for another day!


- Linguines

- Gambas

- 3 garlic cloves

- 1 glass of white wine

- 1 small green chilli

- Cherries tomatoes

- Fresh parsley

- Olive oil

- 1 knob of butter


- Stir-fry the gambas in olive oil with some garlic, salt and pepper. Reserve.

- Stir-fry the green chilli cut in small pieces, add garlic, white wine and let reduce.

- Cook the linguine and take off 2 minutes from the indicated time.

- Pour the linguine in the sauce and finish cooking a few minutes. The linguine are going to soak up the sauce.

- Add fresh parsley and cherries tomatoes.

Before serving, add a knob of butter and mix.

Bon app├ętit :)