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Nem Khao with chicken

Nem Khao with chicken

This recipe is a typical dish from Laos and the favorite of Poppy. He changed the recipe a bit to adapt to the european taste by replacing "som mou" (fermented raw porc) by marinated chicken. Seasoning herbs, lime and the crisp of the salad are a breath of fresh air, perfect entry course in summer! The plate is at the center of the table and everybody use the lettuce as a "spoon". You can add a glaze of lime for more acidity!



- 2 chicken breasts

-  Thai rice

- 150g sausage mixture

- 3 shallots

- 2 garlic cloves

- 1 or 2 tbsp red curry paste

- Cayenne pepper

- Chive

- Coriander

- Lime

- Nuoc mam

- Soy sauce

- Peanuts

- 2 egg whites

- Neutral oil for frying

- Batavia or iceberg lettuce


- The previous day: Cook 1 cup of rice al dente

- The next day: Mix together the rice, the sausage mixture, add the shallots cut thinly, the crushed garlic and the red curry paste.

Add a little bit of salt. Mix together. We are making the fried balls with this mixture.

- Put the egg whites in a bowl. Dive your hand in it and form the balls tightly to prevent them from breaking during cooking.

- Fry the balls until golden. Reserve.

- Steam cook the chicken breasts then marinate them in a mix: chilly/lime/soy sauce.

- In a big plate, crumble the balls, cut the chicken into small pieces, add lots of chive and coriander.

- Season with lime, nuoc man and Cayenne pepper.

Before serving add the crushed peanuts. Pre-cut the leaves of lettuce. It's ready!

Linguines with gambas

Linguines with gambas