Apple tart

We looove apple tart! Usually it takes only a couple of hours to eat the entire plate. We love the crust and as for Poppy who does not have a sweet tooth at all, it is perfect. My mum used to bake this tart for my brother and I. It is so easy when you don't have much time and you're looking for a quick snack or dessert. For me, I love it with a big glass of cold milk and some fresh figs. Here is the recipe below (It is so easy, I'm not sure we can say it is a recipe...)

I  hope you will like it!


- Golden apples

-  1 puff pastry

- A few spoons of sugar

- A few dices of butter

- Icing sugar for presentation


- Peel and cut the apples in thin slices.

- Place the pastry in a dish and prick with a fork.

- Place the apple slices:

Variation: sometimes we spread some applesauce all over the pastry before placing the apple slices... it's up to you to try!

- Place the butter dices uniformly and sprinkle with sugar:

- In the oven at 180° for about 12 minutes, as soon as the pastry is cooked, put your oven in grill position for 2-3 minutes to have this golden color.

- Serve with icing sugar, ice cream, whipped cream, fruits, or anything you like!

And you, which one do you prefer? The traditional apple pie, apple crumble or this apple tart? Let us know!