Creamy pumpkin veloute


November is the pumpkin season, so here is a recipe with seasonal ingredients, I hope you will enjoy it!


- 1 yellow pumpkin

- 1 onion

- Crème fleurette (liquid cream)

- Nutmeg

- Mushrooms: Hedgehogs for us, but you can use your local mushrooms variety

- Parsley

- Nuts

- Chives


- Sauté mushrooms with a pinch of salt until golden, add the parsley at the end and set aside.

- Sauté onions and pumpkin, also with a pinch of salt and some butter until golden.

- Add half of the mushrooms and cover with water. Simmer until the pumpkin is fully cooked.

- Add the crème fleurette and mix.

- Season: salt, nutmeg (optional: pepper)

- Pour the veloute in a bowl, place the shrimps at the center, the mushrooms, the nuts and finally the chives.

Bon appétit!