Chicken wings


Chicken wings is a classic at home on a football night, today we eat them with barbecue sauce and chive-yogurt dip but our favorite is buffalo wings!


– 12 chicken wings

– 2 cup flour

– 2tbsp onion powder

– 2tbsp garlic powder

– 1tbsp salt

– 1tbsp paprika (smoked paprika if you have)

– 2tbsp dried origano

– 1tsp MSG

– Neutral frying oil


–Separate the high and middle segment of the wings (reserve the wing tip for bouillon or sauce, you can freeze them if you don't use them right away).

– In a large tupperware, combine the flour and the spices, add the wings and shake the tupperware so the wings are fully covered with the flour mixture.

– Fry 10-12 minutes until brown golden .

– Drain well on paper towel and season again with a little bit of sea salt.

Bon appétit!