For "La Chandeleur" or any occasions, crêpes is fun! My favorite is with chesnut cream and Poppy's favorite is the classic Nutella crêpes:


– 4 eggs

– 2tbsp sugar

– 1/4 cup melted butter

– 1 pinch of salt

– 2 cup flour

– 15 fl oz milk

– 1 vanilla bean

– 1 dash of rum

– Some oil or butter for the pan


– Combine the eggs, the butter and the rum. Add the vanilla.

– Pour the flour and mix well. Then add the milk slowly.

– Reserve in the fridge for 1 or 2 hour if you have the time. I don't know why we never have the time... We always bake them right away!

– Cook in a flat non-sticky pan about 1 minute on each side.

Tell us what is your favorite!?

(One more with salted caramel butter)