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Valentine's Day Special

Valentine's Day Special

If you're planning your Valentine's day/weekend for weeks now... don't read this post! But for the others, here are a few basic things, very simple that you can do to celebrate this day!

1) A heart-shaped cookie cutter

A must-have in the kitchen on this Valentine's Day! Because it is so easy for example to switch your regular pancakes mornings into Valentine's Day special breakfast:

With some fruits:

If you have more time, you can try the strawberries mini pies (heart-shaped of course):

Speaking of strawberries...

2) Strawberries and chocolate

It's a classic also but so easy to combine them and feel the spirit of Valentine's Day!

Add chocolate sauce and strawberries to our chocolate cake:

3) And finaly, flowers!

Because even if all you had time to do is stop by the bakery store, with flowers, it changes everything!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Daline & Poppy.

Bass fish, saffron broth

Bass fish, saffron broth