Wraps with meatballs and crudités

Light and fresh meal... but also balanced!



- Whole grain tortillas

- Ground beef

- Mustard (Dijon)

- Worcester Sauce

- Garlic

- Chili Pepper

- Soaked in milk bread

- Fêta cheese

- Olive oil

- Red pepper

- Cucumber

- Lime

- Wine vinegar

- Coriander

- Red onions

- Iceberg Lettuce

- Mint leaves


- Combine together ground beef, salt, mustard, garlic, bread, Worcester sauce and aromatic herbs (Provence herbs). Form the balls and put in fridge for about 1 hour. Then stir fry with neutral oil until golden and cooked.

- Cut in small dices (brunoise) the peppers and cucumber and season: olive oil, lime, wine vinegar, garlic and salt. Finish with the coriander finely chopped.

- Combine fêta cheese with some olive oil and chili pepper.

- Cut thin slices of red onions.

You have everything ready for your Wrap...

Don't forget to add some roughly chopped mint leaves at the end!

Bon appétit!