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Wraps with meatballs and crudités

Wraps with meatballs and crudités

Light and fresh meal... but also balanced!



- Whole grain tortillas

- Ground beef

- Mustard (Dijon)

- Worcester Sauce

- Garlic

- Chili Pepper

- Soaked in milk bread

- Fêta cheese

- Olive oil

- Red pepper

- Cucumber

- Lime

- Wine vinegar

- Coriander

- Red onions

- Iceberg Lettuce

- Mint leaves


- Combine together ground beef, salt, mustard, garlic, bread, Worcester sauce and aromatic herbs (Provence herbs). Form the balls and put in fridge for about 1 hour. Then stir fry with neutral oil until golden and cooked.

- Cut in small dices (brunoise) the peppers and cucumber and season: olive oil, lime, wine vinegar, garlic and salt. Finish with the coriander finely chopped.

- Combine fêta cheese with some olive oil and chili pepper.

- Cut thin slices of red onions.

You have everything ready for your Wrap...

Don't forget to add some roughly chopped mint leaves at the end!

Bon appétit!

Beignets Mardi Gras

Beignets Mardi Gras

Bass fish, saffron broth

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