Yogurt cakes


Today I don't share a new recipe but variations around the simpliest cake ever: yogurt cake. This is the first recipe I have learned, maybe it is the same for you? It is easy and fast and you can add a lot of different ingredients so you never eat the same yogurt cake ! Spreading some Nutella is a great idea of course but if you are looking for new variations, it is right here!

Let's start with a quick reminder on the basics (of course, this is the version I have been taught but if your recipe is different, you can use our variations on your recipe! and don't forget to share it with us! We love trying new recipe)

– 1 yogurt pot (don't throw it away - use it to measure the other ingredients!)

– 3 eggs

– 1 1/2 pot powdered sugar

– 3 pots flour

– 3/4 pot neutral oil

– 1 1/2 tsp baking powder

Yogurt cake - lime and coconut milk

In this variation, you can either add or replace the yogurt with coconut milk. If you add it, the texture of the cake will change, it will be more dense but still smooth... it's up to you! And I also added a dash of lime in the dough.

For the icing, combine lime juice and icing sugar to pour on the cake. Sprinkle with grated lime for the final touch.

Yogurt cake - Cappuccino flavoured

In this version, I've added a cappuccino (espresso + whole milk + chocolate powder) in the dough and for the icing I combined mascarpone with icing sugar and finally, sprinkle with unsweetened cocoa powder.

Yogurt cake - Tangerines and Vanilla

For this last variation, I made a regular yogurt cake and added the seeds of a vanilla bean in the dough.

For the icing, I removed the peel of 3 tangerines, only used the supremes, mix and strain. Let reduce with the rest of the vanilla bean infused. Right after the cake is cooked, pour the tangerines juice reduction on it.

To note: if your tangerines are not sweet enough, you can add a dash of agave syrup.

Finally, sprinkle with icing sugar.

What do you think of our variations? Are you trying one of them? And you, how do you eat your yogurt cakes? Give us some ideas!