Spaetzles and raw ham

Spaetzles and raw ham


This is in Budapest, Hungary that we first tried this Spaetzles and we loved it! So we tried to make our own version of it. We didn't make our own spaetzle yet, but if we decide to give it a try, you will be the first to know!


- Raw ham

- Cream fleurette or light cream

- Milk

- Loaf bread

- Butter

- Parmesan

- Orange zest

- 1 garlic clove

- Parsley


- Infuse 3/4 of your ham in the cream with a few tbsp of milk and unpeeled garlic clove. Strain.

- Stir fry the spaetzles with some butter, add the infused cream, pepper and salt if needed.

- Cut the loaf in dices and stir fry with some butter until golden.

- Mix the bread in powder, add the orange zest and some parmesan. Don't hesitate to taste it and season again if needed.

- Before serving, add some of the powder, a few slices of ham and end with the parsley.

Bon appétit! We hope you will enjoy it!