Vegetables tart, raw ham and italian cheese


Sooo... usually we cook generous and heavy meals but for some occasions, like my mom's 60th birthday dinner, we tried to make something fresh and light! So as en entry course, we though of a vegetables meli-melo (yeah yeah we made something light and with vegetables!!! if it wasn't for you mama....) but we definitely add a little kick with raw ham and cheese...  things just got interesting! Here is the recipe:


- Shortcrust pastry - Green beans - Asparagus - White radish - Mozzarella di bufala - Parmesan shavings - Parma ham


For the asparagus vinaigrette :

- Sauté asparagus with some olive oil (keep a few for the rest of the recipe), wet up with chicken stock. When the asparagus are cooked, mix everything. - Season: olive oil, sherry vinegar, Espelette pepper. Put in the fridge.

For the shorcrust pastry:

- Shape the pastry. We made rectangle but it could be anything else! - Place it between 2 baking sheets and place another cooking hob on top so the pastry does not raise. Cook 8-10 minutes at 350°F until golden.

For the vegetables:

- Dive the beans/asparagus in boiling salted water a few minutes then dive them in ice water. - Slice thinly the white radish and marinate in olive oil, lemon and salt.

You have everything ready to arrange your plate! We should have made a picture before and after... but don't hesitate to add asparagus vinaigrette generously before eating!

Bon appétit!