Langouste tails flamed with Whisky and fresh salad


Today let's have some fresh meal! This recipe is easy to make, you can replace the langouste or lobster tails with gambas or shrimps, it's up to what you can find in your area. And in this recipe, we have no waste since we use the red pepper water for the langoustes and the pepper flesh for the vinaigrette! If you want to give it a try, here is the recipe:

Ingredients ( 4 servings):

– 4 langouste or lobster tails – 2 red pepper – 1 garlic clove – Liquid cream – Whisky – Lettuce – Olive oil – Walnut oil – Sherry vinegar


– Peel the peppers, mix with 1 garlic clove, some olive oil and water. Sieve and reserve. – Cut the langoustes in half and grill in a pan on flesh side with some olive oil. – Turn over the langoustes and flamed with Whisky. – Add the pepper water and let reduce. – Add the liquid cream at level, salt, pepper. Pour generously the juice over the langoustes until fully cooked.

–  At the end, add some Espelette pepper if you have some. – Use the pepper flesh you have left for the vinaigrette by adding olive oil, Walnut oil, sherry vinegar, salt and pepper.

Bon appétit!