nadia lo

Chicken drumsticks with Buffalo sauce

nadia lo
Chicken drumsticks with Buffalo sauce

This famous dish in the US cannot be found as easily in France, so we had to cook our own to enjoy it and it's very hard not to lick our fingers...


Pilons frits sauce buffalo.jpg


- About 2 lb of chicken

- 4 cup all purpose flour

- 3 tbsp of smoked paprika

- 2 tbsp of garlic powder

- 1  tbsp origano

- Pepper and salt

- 10 oz ketchup

- 1/4 cup melted butter

- 2 fl oz Franck's hot sauce



- In a large bowl, combine the flour, paprika, salt pepper, and origano.

- Dry the chicken with paper towels.

- Then combine the chicken with the mix of flour and shake until everything is mixed evenly.

- Fry the chicken at 320°F until golden.

- For the sauce: combine the ketchup, melted butter and the hot sauce.

- Right after the chicken is cooked, pour the sauce (slightly heated) on it and shake until the drumsticks are all covered with sauce. Ready to eat!