Homemade tomato sauce

Sometimes the simplest thing are the best. Homemade tomato sauce from scratch is easy and you can make a big batch to use for several dishes. I love it because if you are in a hurry to cook something (with hungry toddlers screaming for something to eat for example), you can just grab a jar and as the fresh sauce already have all the flavors, just add pasta or anything and it is good.


sauce tomate.jpg


-4 lb ripe tomatoes

- 1 head of garlic

- rosemary

- Olive oil


1. preheat the oven at 350ยฐF

2. Place the tomatoes, the garlic and the rosemary in a plate and let the tomatoes roast until confit.


3. Mix the tomatoes and reduce the sauce until desired consistency.

4. Off the heat, add olive oil and season (salt, pepper).

Voilร !