nadia lo

Candied citrus

nadia lo
Candied citrus

This recipe is not the traditional one we have in the south of France (which takes to much technics and time for us), this is the quick way to use candied fruits in pastry.

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Organic oranges and tangerines

Syrup (16fl oz d'eau + 1lb sugar)


1. In a pot, add the water and sugar and boil.

2. Slices the citrus (5-6 mm of thickness) and add it to the syrup.

3. Lower the heat until there is no sign of boiling and leave it for 2 hour and a half.

4. Set aside until the next day.

5. The next day, take off the citrus, boil the syrup and add it again to the citrus. If you are patient enough, repeat for 2 or 3 more days, but it is up to you. I would say to taste and advise according to what you want to cook with it. We already used it the very next day when we were in a hurry... so it's up to you!


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